Holiday Motorsports Traditions Run In The Family

Christmas and New Years are holidays spent with family, but admittedly, by the time Christmas Eve rolls around I am really really missing my NASCAR fix.  Some of my fondest holiday memories revolve around motorsports.

I think of Memorial Day and the Indy 500 pops into my head. My dad and I would watch "bubble day" together - to see who would ultimately make it into the field and who would suffer the heartache of being left out.  We would then watch the all day motorsports marathon, the Indy 500 in the morning and the Coca-Cola 600 in the evening.  It was an all day speed fest at my house.  It was treated much the way Superbowls are celebrated - on a slightly smaller scale.  The 4th of July makes me think of what use to be the Firecracker Daytona.

By the time Christmas Eve rolls around I am usually really jonesing for my speed fix.  Invariably I end up watching a lot of SpeedTV and it seems there is always a PINKS ALL OUT marathon playing on Christmas Eve. Some people spend the evening wrapping presents and watching A CHRISTMAS STORY marathon. I spend it watching PINKS ALL OUT and wondering how someone can be disqualified for going too fast.  That makes no sense to me since it IS a drag race. Anyway- I went through a phase where drag racing was my motorsport of preference (it was the same summer I watched HEART LIKE A WHEEL the first time and was introduced to Shirley "ChaCha" Muldowney). 

My dad and I spent time watching drag races, sitting there while they were doing their burn outs and staging, and trying to pick the winning car. So PINKS ALL OUT is an interesting concept.  I remember a couple of years ago I was intently watching the PINKS ALL OUT marathon and my uncle looked over at me and asked me if I understand all this? I chuckled and said "Yeah I get the gist"

This Christmas Eve was no different. I spent a fair chunk watching PINKS ALL OUT (some with my dad like old times) trying to decide which car looked strong, which lane seemed to be the faster lane, and whoa ... didn't that guy just jump the start?

Then sometime this week in between Christmas and New Years my dad and I will watch the old Barrett-Jackson car auctions (DVR'd from SpeedTV) in preparation for watching the Scottsdale Auction in January (it's easy for me to remember-it's usually right around my birthday). We like to hone our skills so we can guess what a vehicle will sell for and talk about what cars would be in our DREAM Classic Car Garage (my top three cars would be a 1963 Split Window Corvette in white, a 1955 Chevy Nomad in yellow and a black 1967 Camaro- think I am a Chevy girl?).

So my love of motorsports was fostered by my dad and come to be a holiday tradition! 


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Photo credit: Jeff Young