How To Get Prepared For The Next NASCAR Season

Sure Christmas is a few days away and you are getting your Holiday parties in order, but in a few short weeks we will be back to NASCAR racing. If you are like me, you are having serious NASCAR withdrawals at this point. Odds are you would rather see Darrell Waltrip say "Bogity, Bogity, Bogity" than Santa Claus saying "Ho HO HO". I feel your pain too.

There are some things you can do to get ready for the season and make it feel like it's starting up again tomorrow.

  • Go Buy Yourself Something New
    I am always happier when I get a new hat with my favorite drivers number on it. You will feel better when you do it and even better when you get it in the mail in a few days. Half the time I forget I ordered something and its almost like Christmas again when I open the package. Don't forget to get your spouse something also, especially if he or she likes racing.

  • Join a Racing Forum
    You could join a racing forum, meet some good people and talk about racing. Why not chime in and join the fun? Odds are you will meet some people that love talking about your favorite track and some recipes for tail gating. I have met plenty of new friends through forums and then met up with them at the track a few times. You could also join Twitter where there is a large fan base and race talk is 24/7.

  • Pore Through the Upcoming Schedules
    I always like to look ahead at the schedule and get the television stations down so I know exactly when a race is on. You could go find the schedule for next years races, print out a couple and leave them around the house. It is also helpful if you have to plan your vacations in advance as you can pick races around them.

  • Prepare for Warmer Weather Now
    Another thing I do is get out the BBQ and give it a good cleaning and make sure it is ready to be fired up. This way you know when Daytona comes around you are good to go. Sure it will be February and snowing here in the Northeast but BBQ and racing go hand and hand. I will be outside freezing while cooking burgers before the race. It is like a family tradition.    

What do you to keep yourself in the game during the off-season? 

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Photo Credit: Casey Marshall