Pick A Road Course, Any Road Course!

NASCAR has finally announced the much anticipated and speculated about 2011 Cup schedule. The new schedule includes a mixing up of dates, the removal of second dates from both Atlanta and California, and the addition of Kentucky Speedway - a new track. Texas will be hosting a night race next season. But one change I was really hoping for did NOT happen. I would have loved to see a road course in the chase.

Which one? It honestly doesn’t really matter to me. I live in California so Sonoma would be fine by me. I love to watch Watkin’s Glen on TV because of the speeds there, so that would be fine too. I have heard good things about Road America - why not through that in the chase? Heck, there are other road course tracks out there - I know that Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca in California has been jonesing for a NASCAR race (judging by comments in the local paper). This would be uber nice for me since I live 10 miles away from that track (but I have to wonder if they have the facilities to host a NASCAR event. I am thinking about the paddock area and wondering if it’s big enough).

I think that by throwing a road course into the chase you would only be strengthening the chase. As the season currently stands there are two odd-ball road course races thrown into the schedule, making them the odd tracks in an (predominately) oval series. The concept of the chase is to have the top 12, the cream of the crop in the driver field, race it out in a 10 race series for top championship honors. It is my contention that the cream of the crop should be able to turn left AND right. I know that some drivers do not like the road courses, and pretty much focus their entire program on ovals and say the heck with road courses. The chase should not favor this mindset. The chase should represent each and every type of track; short tracks, intermediate tracks, super speedways and yes, road course. It only makes sense to test the best of the field on EACH type of track.

So, NASCAR, I beg you, pick a road course - any road course!

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Photo Credit: Amy Marbach