Reaction to Kasey Kahne's Departure from RPM

While watching the race at Charlotte, I was genuinely concerned for Kasey Kahne's health after the race announcers stated that he was feeling too ill to continue on in the race Saturday night. I am not really even a Kasey Kahne fan and I was concerned. I can't even imagine how worried his fans actually were.

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Kasey Kahne in better times

I mean I was wondering if he sustained some sort of head injury during his crash? Then several days ago I read that Kasey was well enough by Sunday to run a 5K. That made me think...maybe Kasey wasn't "sick" but "sick of driving the 9 car."

I now find out that Kasey Kahne was released from Richard Petty Motorsports this evening...effective immediately.   

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. Surprising? A little...but how surprising is it really?

There is a lot of speculation as of this writing as to why he was let go. Was it the slap in the face of Kahne being "too sick" to race one night, while being well enough to run a 5k the next? Did RPM grow tired of Kahne's attitude and noticeable frustration lately and give him the boot? Did RPM decide to cut its losses since they were losing Kahne next season anyway and make a deal with Red Bull Racing? Of course there is always the possibility that Kasey Kahne knew this was coming and THAT is why he was "too sick to drive the 9." 

None of this is actually known as of this writing and it will probably be awhile before we get any details (if we get any at all). However, I have to say that I liken what Kasey Kahne did on Saturday night to this: It is like me (or you) calling in sick to work - then going to the beach and tweeting about how cold the water at the beach is.

I think Kasey Kahne may have "dooced" himself right out of RPM.  Luckily for Kahne, he has a solid ride for the 2011 season with Red Bull Racing (thanks I am sure in no large part to Kahne's new boss Rick Hendrick- for whom Kahne is already slated to drive the 5 car starting in 2012) to fall back on...probably something that he knew he could fall back on should he be released (providing of course that his behavior on Saturday night wasn't a reaction to knowing he would be released from RPM in advance).

In either case, if I were Red Bull racing, I would be concerned. What if Kahne gets frustrated over there? Will he be walking off in a huff after an accident? Because his time with Red Bull Racing is short, does that mean he will not be giving it his best?

And if I were a Kasey Kahne fan, I would have to say I would be more than a little disappointed in my driver.  

-Amy Marbach


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Photo Credit: Duane Schoon