Waiting Until Next Year ...

The season isn't even over yet and I am already going through the withdrawals, knowing that by the end of the month the 2010 season will be over.

There will be no more NASCAR racing until February. It is already making me restless.

Part of that may be the fact that my driver, while in the chase, is pretty much out of contention for the championship. The fan part of me is ready for next season; ready to reset and start over, ready for the hope and optimism of that shiny Sprint Cup Trophy in the future.

Of the two races left this rapidly ending season, I have one more race I will be attending in person, the race at Phoenix. I leave for it on Thursday and I am even antsier for it than normal. Phoenix is one of my favorite tracks that I have attended in person, so I really can't wait. The racing action at PIR is always great (this will be my fourth race there). It might be a long haul trip for me (1700 miles round trip), but it is always well worth it. I keep telling myself to remember to take it all in. It will have to last me until I find my way back to a race track next year. 

I will find my way back to a track. I always do. And technically is there really only two and a half months of "off season?" It always seems a heck of a lot longer. 

NASCAR may have the longest season of most professional sports, but I still struggle to figure out what to do with myself during the "off" season.  There is a pile of books on my nightstand waiting to be read, countless characters that swirl around my head just begging to be put down on paper, not to mention the afghan I am currently in the middle of crocheting. Then there are the movies that I meant to watch that I never did.  Yet no matter what I end up filling my time with during the off season...I will be thinking about February and about Daytona. I will be there hitting my favorite NASCAR websites, keeping my ear to the NASCAR grindstone so to speak, on a fairly daily basis.  But it isn't the same as being in the middle of a 36 week season.  I may be sitting there working on my blanket, but my heart will be yearning for the sounds and smells of a race track. Yearning for the cars on the track and thinking "Maybe this will be our year for another Championship."

-Amy Marbach


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Photo Credit: Amy Marbach