You Don't Need a Big Budget for Great Racing

In motor racing, perhaps more than in any other sport, we are trained to believe that great action happens only at the pinnacle of the discipline.  I say that's only because cameras are rolling and you get to actually see it.  The advent of inexpensive incar video and its use with online video services has meant that the supply of fantastic racing action available to motorheads has increased tremendously.

I mentioned NASA's Spec e30 race series before.  Spec e30 takes old 3 series BMW, adds a simple, moderately priced performance and safety kit,  a spec tire and, just like that, you are ready to go racing for well under $15,000. Faster and, in my opinion, safer than Spec Miata, these boxy old cars offer a lot of fun for the buck.  For one thing they have real honest to goodness metal bumpers meaning racers can safely bump draft passed each other, something that is a hoot to watch.  If it does not quite work out as planned, body panels are plentiful and reasonably priced.

Check out the racing action from my friend's Peter Thibault's car at a recent race at Watkins Glen: all the elements of great racing are there, outside passes, bumping, close calls, wild oversteer.  

It's all there, it all happened.

It may not have been on TV but this great racing action happens every week end around the country!


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Photo Credit: Willamor Media