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Pick A Road Course, Any Road Course!

NASCAR has finally announced the much anticipated and speculated about 2011 Cup schedule. The new schedule includes a mixing up of dates, the removal of second dates from both Atlanta and California, and the addition of Kentucky Speedway - a new track. Texas will be hosting a night race next season. But one change I was really hoping for did NOT happen.

Don't Diss My Driver!

The majority of NASCAR fans adopt a main driver and take on that driver as their own. They will often even refer to the driver as being owned by them. My driver, my team, my my MY. They feel ownership and pride in their driver when they win. They feel the defeat when their driver suffers a particularly devastating loss and the anger when their driver is the victim of someone else’s “mistake.”

How I Got Hooked on the Racing Experience

While I have been a fan of NASCAR since childhood, it wasn't until a little over three years ago that I attended my first NASCAR race in person. Now, I had attended other races before. I had been to several CART races and even a couple of GRAND-AM races at Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca.

Heart Like A Wheel

Most, if not all, NASCAR fans are familiar with the roots of the sport. They are familiar with the fact that it was born from the days of running moonshine in the south during prohibition. However, I am only in my 30s and that far back doesn't give it the personal connection to me that it probably should. Maybe it's due to being from California, where NASCAR really isn't that ingrained into the culture.
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