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A Visit to the Church of the Prancing Horse - Inside the Ferrari Factory

Italy is of course famous its art treasures, its museums, palazzos, churches and of course the food. There is one church and museum the automotively inclined should make sure to include in their vacation itinerary: The Church of the Prancing Horse.

Taking to the Tracks: Grassroots Racing in the United States

 As a transplanted European I must confess that I suffered from a bias born out of ignorance: I thought Americans only liked to turn left! It’s understandable: the image of American racing abroad is formed by Indy, NASCAR and 1/4 drag racing. However I could not have been more wrong.

American Alex Rossi Puts His Mark on the Monaco Grand Prix

How perfect that I would receive an invitation to guest blog for “Racing in America” the same week I returned from the Monaco Grand Prix.
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