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What Race Cars Would You Include On Your Fantasy Starting Grid?

Can You Turn Back the Clock to Jump Ahead?

In 1968, Dodge and Plymouth produced factory-built drag racing specials, so-called Package Cars. The original plan was to build 50 of each -- lightweight but Hemi V8-powered Dodge Darts and Plymouth Barracudas. Somehow, an additional 50 cars – 30 Darts and 20 ‘Cudas -- found their way down the assembly line and into Super Stock drag racing.

Wheels of Wellness Highlights Women in Racing

Mark your calendars right now: You want to be in Phoenix come January 16, 2011, where current and former legends of American motorsports will participate in a racing car show, panel discussion, and an exclusive preview of the Women in the Winner’s Circle exhibition.

From 0 - $6,000,000 In 40 Years Flat

Go to a collector car auction and you’ll hear astronomic numbers – seven-figure dollar amounts -- being bid on old race cars. And to think, it wasn’t all that long ago that last year’s race cars were, well, junk. Once the season was over, what had been a state-of-the-art racing machine was obsolete, and therefore worthless. That had no value beyond the fact that maybe their chassis and perhaps some of their parts might be able to be reused next season.

Win on Sunday Still Sells on Monday

Ah, those were the glory days of auto racing for Detroit, the bygone era of “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday,” when, say, a Ford victory David Pearson at Darlington increased traffic in Ford dealerships across the country on Monday (or Tuesday or some day during the following week). What’s that? Those days aren’t gone? Who says? Survey says…

My Top 9 Turns at American Race Tracks

The last time we chatted, I shared my list of favorite American race tracks and asked for yours. Now, we’re going to zoom in more closely and talk about our favorite turns at American race tracks. Again, the requirement is that you must have either witnessed in person cars (or motorcycles) racing through the turn, or have driven the turn yourself. Here’s my list:

What Are Your Favorite American Race Tracks?

What are your five favorite American race tracks? They can be short tracks, road courses, drag strips or superspeedways. The only requirement in this game is that you must have attended (or participated in) a race at each of them. Before you list yours, I’ll list mine (and since I’m writing the rules, I’m ignoring the five track limit). Here’s my list:  

Who Invented the Infield Road Course?

A few weeks ago, I received a press release trying to build anticipation for the 50th running of the 24 Hours of Daytona sports car race, which doesn’t even take place until January, 2012 at Daytona International Speedway.

Motorsports Movie Unfinished: Steve McQueen’s “Day of the Champion”

My previous blog post was about motorsports movies, how the reel world portrayed the real world of auto racing. This one is about what I guess is an un-reel subject – the motorsports movie that Steve McQueen started and the studio stopped, though not until after a million feet of footage had been shot!

Hollywood Goes Racing: Movies and Motorsports

Ever since (and perhaps even before) Fatty Arbuckle shot “The Speed Kings” in 1913, there are those in the motion picture industry who have had a fascination with movies about motorsports. Here are just a few of the ways the reel world has portrayed the real world of auto racing:
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