We’re delighted to introduce you to Racing in America. This is a new exhibition at Henry Ford Museum, where you are immersed in the history, and in particular the tradition of innovation in American auto racing.

Fittingly, the exhibition itself is an innovative concept. We call it the greatest indoor automobile racing experience in America.

It genuinely fulfills Henry Ford Museum’s purpose, which was established to celebrate our country’s vital traditions of innovation, ingenuity, and resourcefulness.

This exhibit provides special access to the spectacular world of racing. It’s filled with dynamic, immersive, multi-sensory opportunities to meet the people, experience the risk, enjoy the spectacle, and get a rare look at the behind-the-scenes culture of racing.

You engage with many of auto racing’s complex variety of vocations, skills, technologies and opportunities, and with all the types of cars, tracks, events, and characters that give American racing – past to present – its own distinctive character.

We believe that it’s important for these stories to be preserved and accessible, so people will have a better understanding of the ways auto racing has contributed to our society, beyond being an exciting spectacle.

People will leave the exhibition with a much better understanding of this sport, and what it means to us and our country. It will fire their interests and inspire their imaginations. Our intent is to motivate a passion for achievement, especially among young people.

That’s the concept. On the museum floor, Racing in America comprises several content areas. Each uses a combination of artifacts, media, and interactive components to explore American auto racing from a different perspective: