June 2010

Raymond Parks: Stock Car Racing’s First Team Owner

Before there was Rick Hendrick or Jack Roush, and even before there was Carl Kiekhaefer or Roger Penske, there was Raymond Parks.

Average Guys Introduction Do It Yourself Drag Racing Part II

This is a tough one. Strictly, from a budget point of view...noooope. I run my Mustang and Vette with the street tires.  

A Visit to the Church of the Prancing Horse - Inside the Ferrari Factory

Italy is of course famous its art treasures, its museums, palazzos, churches and of course the food. There is one church and museum the automotively inclined should make sure to include in their vacation itinerary: The Church of the Prancing Horse.

Legends of Stock Car Racing Talk Racing

NASCAR is what it is today because of the legendary drivers of the sport that built its solid fan base. A few months ago I had the privilege of going to Martinsville Speedway for a race and afterwards, NASCAR brought out some of the legends and had a little discussion on stage for all the fans.

Women are Becoming Staples in Motorsports

Think back to 10 years ago, the year 2000. That doesn't seem like that long ago, does it? But even back then a woman in a firesuit at a professional automotive racing event was something that was almost unheard of.

Motorsports Mourns and Remembers its Coach

There was one thing that was clear to everyone, whether they drove racecars, wrenched on racecars, owned racecars, or even owned the speedways on which those cars raced: You did not cross the Coach.

The View from the Midwest - My Theory Holds

The original plan was to bring you one of my promised interviews, but fate intervened and I found myself in Chicago for the past week. Aside from the odd juxtaposition of celebrating a hockey championship in 93-degree heat and humidity (while I was in a suit, incidentally), Chicago is a thoroughly enjoyable city.

An Average Guy's Introduction to Do-It-Yourself Drag Racing

There are all sorts of psychological hurdles that an average guy, with average skill, average tools, and an average budget has to deal with when he owns a classic car (ok...doesn't have to be a classic...just "loved"). One of those is the fear of something breaking, either while you're driving it or working on it. Can I fix it? Do I have the right tool? What if I can't? Do I know anyone that can? For free?

Pikes Peak a Peerless and Perilous Racing Venue

One of America’s oldest and most daunting auto races takes place Sunday, June 27, in what is certainly the most spectacular setting on this continent for a motorsports event.

Taking to the Tracks: Grassroots Racing in the United States

 As a transplanted European I must confess that I suffered from a bias born out of ignorance: I thought Americans only liked to turn left! It’s understandable: the image of American racing abroad is formed by Indy, NASCAR and 1/4 drag racing. However I could not have been more wrong.