July 2010

Heart Like A Wheel

Most, if not all, NASCAR fans are familiar with the roots of the sport. They are familiar with the fact that it was born from the days of running moonshine in the south during prohibition. However, I am only in my 30s and that far back doesn't give it the personal connection to me that it probably should. Maybe it's due to being from California, where NASCAR really isn't that ingrained into the culture.

What Makes NASCAR Fans So Dedicated to the Sport?

I often look at NASCAR fans and wonder why they are so loyal. Is it the dedication to their favorite driver? Is it the dedication to their favorite owner? Or is it just a love of speed.

New Motorsports are Taking Racing by Storm

When you hear the word racing, what comes to mind? Stock cars? Open Wheel racing? Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars?

Weird, Advanced and Uncompromising: Celebrating the Alfa Romeo

Many now forget, but Italy's most desirable cars were always red,  were built in Milano NOT Maranello, and were badged with a child eating snake rather than a prancing horse. That's right: the Alfa Romeo.

The State of Virtual Racing in America

Being of modest means, I have yet to acquire my own racing car. Perhaps one day I’ll finally get my hands on a Porsche 917K (in Gulf racing livery, natch). But even then, I will be forced to move, as I’m sure parallel parking that beast outside my apartment would be something other than relaxing.