Jimmie Johnson is Always a Champion

Jimmie Johnson won his 5th NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship in a row Sunday at Homestead-Miami speedway. Repeating a championship is tough enough as it is, and to do it 5 times in a row is simple unheard of. Jimmie and his team, especially crew chief Chad Knaus, are really a driving force to be reckoned with.

Jimmie the Underdog?

This year was the first where Jimmie Johnson actually came into the race as the underdog. Denny Hamlin was ahead of Jimmie by 15 points and Kevin Harvick was right behind Jimmie in third. Jimmie's great qualifying run proved to be the difference as he was up in front most of the race and kept out of trouble. The same could not be said for Denny or Kevin as they were both involved in wrecks, Denny's being the most severe as he went for a spin through the grass which damaged his car pretty bad. Kevin's was minor as he just pushed Kyle Busch into the wall.

A Relaxed Champion

This year's Championship was a little different and I saw a side of Jimmie Johnson that I had not seen before. He was relaxed and in interviews he seemed to cause more pressure for the other drivers than feel it himself. It really did seem to bother Denny Hamlin as all he could talk about in interviews was Jimmie Johnson. Kevin Harvick was much more relaxed and Jimmie's comments didn't seem to mess with his head. Guess it is because Kevin's been in the game a bit longer.

I am a Jimmie Johnson fan and have been since he started in Sprint Cup so maybe I am a little biased in what I perceive, but there is something about going for this championship that has changed Jimmie. He is a lot more mellow. Heck, yesterday he even did an interview with the Speed channel where he didn't even have shoes on. I think having the baby this year played a big part in calming Jimmie down, not that he was a wild man before.

The Big Question

So how will this change NASCAR? They have never had a 5 time winner and fans either love it or say they are leaving the sport. Of course I have been hearing that they are leaving since Jimmie won his second Championship. The fans keep returning and yesterday, after the race, some fans on Twitter were already counting the days until it all starts up again for the Daytona 500 in February. I am one of those fans.

Are you going to have NASCAR withdrawals just like me?


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