Why I Rooted for Jimmie Johnson Last Sunday

I have a secret: While watching the last race of the NASCAR season at Homestead-Miami, I was actually pulling for Jimmie Johnson to win his fifth championship.  While I duck and cover under my virtual desk (because technically I am sitting on a couch), you may gasp in horror and hurl virtual tomatoes and empty beer cans in my direction. There, do you feel better?

Sharing the Joy of Car Shows and Race Cars

First, as the holiday season approaches (much faster than I am prepared for) I want to wish everyone a joyful one. Speaking of joyful, one of the things that tops my list of enjoyable events is car shows.  Attending either as an entrant or just showing up to wander around, I find it relaxing and fun.

Jimmie Johnson is Always a Champion

Jimmie Johnson won his 5th NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship in a row Sunday at Homestead-Miami speedway. Repeating a championship is tough enough as it is, and to do it 5 times in a row is simple unheard of. Jimmie and his team, especially crew chief Chad Knaus, are really a driving force to be reckoned with.

The Good Year Blimp: NASCAR's Biggest Overseer

It’s been as much a part of American motorsports as Richard Petty or the small-block Chevy V8. It’s the Goodyear blimp, circling up there a couple of thousand feet above the racetracks (and above other sports venues), providing an aerial platform for a television camera so we can get a bird’s-eye perspective of the action.

Long Range Investment Pays Off for Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel became the youngest Formula 1 champion for Red Bull, a team that 14 years ago, when it put Vettel under contract at age nine, did not even exist.  Red Bull has long been considered the party guys of Formula 1, a team born out of Jackie Stewart's old squad.

Messing with a Mona Lisa

Phoenix International Raceway and parent company International Speedway Corporation are seriously considering reconfiguring the famous dogleg mile when the track is repaved after its February 2011 NASCAR race weekend.  

Please Help Shane Hmiel's Recovery

USAC racer (and former NASCAR driver) Shane Hmiel was involved in a violent qualifying accident for the SUMAR Classic at Terre Haute in early October.

Chevy to Give IndyCar a Pulse Again in 2012

Today's announcement about Chevy's return to IndyCar is a godsend for IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard.  It could represent the first domino in a sequence of events that sees more manufacturers join America's oldest form of racing, or it could be just a single, thank-you-Jesus moment that doubles the current number of carm

Who's on Your Mt. Rushmore of American Motorsports?

Let’s say we want to sculpt the Mt. Rushmore of American motorsports: Who do we include? On the one hand, there are the people who built the tracks and organized the races, people such as Big Bill France, Wally Parks, Tony Hulman (in Hulman’s case, it was a re-built of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway) and… and here I have a problem as to the fourth and final member of this quartet.

Sunday's Race Recap: Everything is Bigger in Texas

Sundays's race at the Texas Motor Speedway had enough drama for a year's worth, especially if you are a NASCAR official. The story everyone thought was going to be the big one was quickly overshadowed by a fight between Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton.
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