Waiting Until Next Year ...

The season isn't even over yet and I am already going through the withdrawals, knowing that by the end of the month the 2010 season will be over. There will be no more NASCAR racing until February. It is already making me restless.

Fantasy Season Winding Down, Usual Suspects Still Favorites

Fantasy racing junkies are at their wits end because there's only three weekends of racing left before the end of the season, leading to lots of angst over the thought of no more motorsports until 2011, while championships for a select few drivers and many game players are still on the line. Which drivers are the top picks for NASCAR at Texas and F1 in Brazil?

DTM Coming to America in 2013 for a Full Season

DTM is the German Touring Car Championship, a series that has been gaining popularity across Europe and now the world very quickly. The participants are mainly German manufacturers, but there was a time when foreign constructors like Alfa Romeo were involved in the championship.

Formula 1 Update: Korean Conflict!

It turned out to be one of those "if it didn't really happen, you'd have to make it up" stories this past week end in the newest Formula 1 venue in Korea.      A track no driver had ever seen was literally still being built between practice session, followed by a heavy rain on race day: it was total chaos.

Trick or Treat Time at Talladega

As with most racing fans, some fantasy NASCAR players love Talladega while others abhor having to pick starters for a race where it's better to be lucky than good.  Especially with points and prizes on the line.

The Race For the Chase Continues

An Average Guy Learns to Race - Part I

It's not very average that the Average Guy gets to go to racing school.  It's not very average for the Average Guy to attend a professional racing school event either.  In most cases it's not even close to being affordable, at least not for this Average Guy with an Average Budget!!!  Ok..that's not 100% true, and I'll mentions a couple good deals that I found at the end of this series of articles.

Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead

Despite a worse than shaky economy that's had a negative effect on almost every type of race team, driver, series and especially their sponsors, there's a dirty little secret in one area of racing that more and more people are starting to talk about. The Baja 1000

Reaction to Kasey Kahne's Departure from RPM

While watching the race at Charlotte, I was genuinely concerned for Kasey Kahne's health after the race announcers stated that he was feeling too ill to continue on in the race Saturday night. I am not really even a Kasey Kahne fan and I was concerned. I can't even imagine how worried his fans actually were.
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