Boys, Have At It... or Not?

At the beginning of the 2010 NASCAR season there was an announcement that they were going "loosen" up the bumping rules to allow "boys, have at it." There had been complaints from drivers and fans that NASCAR was being too rigid and not allowing the drivers to race, with any bumping being penalized.

"Drive with Guts": The Origins of Rallying

“Sisu!” is a term which loosely translated in Finnish means “Drive with Guts!”. This term is widely used in rallying due to the way that you must drive in order to succeed. Rally Drivers are known for their fearless approach to motorsports. The formal definition of Rallying according to Wikipedia is this:

How I Got Hooked on the Racing Experience

While I have been a fan of NASCAR since childhood, it wasn't until a little over three years ago that I attended my first NASCAR race in person. Now, I had attended other races before. I had been to several CART races and even a couple of GRAND-AM races at Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca.

Racing Tech: New Solutions for "Motographers"

It's summer, the middle of track season. Maybe you like to take your car to the track, or maybe the drag strip or local autocross. Half the fun is bragging about it and showing video of you and your pride and joy in action.

Motorsports Movie Unfinished: Steve McQueen’s “Day of the Champion”

My previous blog post was about motorsports movies, how the reel world portrayed the real world of auto racing. This one is about what I guess is an un-reel subject – the motorsports movie that Steve McQueen started and the studio stopped, though not until after a million feet of footage had been shot!

The Unsung Heroes of NASCAR

We see NASCAR drivers on television every week, but without the people behind the scenes the race would not happen. I am talking about the guys at the shop, the accountants keeping the books, the spotters on the roofs and the guys in the pits that make the magic happen, usually in under 14 seconds. There are many people that have to do their job before the driver gets a chance at taking green flag laps.

Hollywood Goes Racing: Movies and Motorsports

Ever since (and perhaps even before) Fatty Arbuckle shot “The Speed Kings” in 1913, there are those in the motion picture industry who have had a fascination with movies about motorsports. Here are just a few of the ways the reel world has portrayed the real world of auto racing:

An Average Guy's Introduction to Do-It-Yourself Drag Racing - Part 3

We've established that street tires are OK to run at the strip, but not as effective as the true soft, no-tread drag racing slicks. So, if I wanted to take it a step further I'd be looking for something in the middle.

Heart Like A Wheel

Most, if not all, NASCAR fans are familiar with the roots of the sport. They are familiar with the fact that it was born from the days of running moonshine in the south during prohibition. However, I am only in my 30s and that far back doesn't give it the personal connection to me that it probably should. Maybe it's due to being from California, where NASCAR really isn't that ingrained into the culture.

What Makes NASCAR Fans So Dedicated to the Sport?

I often look at NASCAR fans and wonder why they are so loyal. Is it the dedication to their favorite driver? Is it the dedication to their favorite owner? Or is it just a love of speed.
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