When You Need More Than a Good Mechanic....

A mechanic will replace parts that are broken, a truly great mechanic will tell you why that part is breaking. Let me explain; it's a bit of a long story:

My Top 9 Turns at American Race Tracks

The last time we chatted, I shared my list of favorite American race tracks and asked for yours. Now, we’re going to zoom in more closely and talk about our favorite turns at American race tracks. Again, the requirement is that you must have either witnessed in person cars (or motorcycles) racing through the turn, or have driven the turn yourself. Here’s my list:

Kyle Busch Racing into History

Sometimes we watch auto racing and think, "wow that was some great driving that guy just did". Sometimes we don't realize we are watching a piece of history because it is coming at us in real time.

An "Average Guy" Joins the Sports Car Club of America - Part 1

The name of my blog includes "racing". This doesn't mean I'm watching on TV and reporting back; it's meant to be my events. My blog title also includes "Average" and includes budgets as well. (You might as well include 'time', as in the average amount of time to spend on the hobby.)

Pick A Road Course, Any Road Course!

NASCAR has finally announced the much anticipated and speculated about 2011 Cup schedule. The new schedule includes a mixing up of dates, the removal of second dates from both Atlanta and California, and the addition of Kentucky Speedway - a new track. Texas will be hosting a night race next season. But one change I was really hoping for did NOT happen.

What Are Your Favorite American Race Tracks?

What are your five favorite American race tracks? They can be short tracks, road courses, drag strips or superspeedways. The only requirement in this game is that you must have attended (or participated in) a race at each of them. Before you list yours, I’ll list mine (and since I’m writing the rules, I’m ignoring the five track limit). Here’s my list:  

Don't Diss My Driver!

The majority of NASCAR fans adopt a main driver and take on that driver as their own. They will often even refer to the driver as being owned by them. My driver, my team, my my MY. They feel ownership and pride in their driver when they win. They feel the defeat when their driver suffers a particularly devastating loss and the anger when their driver is the victim of someone else’s “mistake.”

Is NASCAR Taking Safety Seriously Enough?

Last weekend at Pocono we saw something that was so bad it forces NASCAR to examine the way the racetracks are designed for safety reasons. Our friends at NASCAR have improved the "Car of Tomorrow" for drivers safety and they improved 90% of the walls by adding safer barriers but 90% is not good enough.

The Proper Way to Drive a Mini

Back in the 1960's, almost anyone who was anyone in motor racing spent some time racing Minis. The cars were great crowd pleasers. Easy to see why when they are driven the right way. You could argue that any clown can drift given enough power but, momentum oversteer, that's another story.

The Eccentricity of New England Car Culture

Boston, being (let’s face it) a small city, is subject to the same limitations that all small cities have. What makes this town feel larger than it is, however, are the academic institutions that draw in people from all over the world (and send them back out as Red Sox fans, natch) and Yankee eccentricity.
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