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Things Racing Fans Should See in Las Vegas

I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas and I know it's not exactly known as the mecca for NASCAR, but if you are heading to Las Vegas anytime soon there are some things you should really see. If you are planning on attending a race in Las Vegas these things could be a cool addition to the actual race.Nascar Cafe

How To Get Prepared For The Next NASCAR Season

Sure Christmas is a few days away and you are getting your Holiday parties in order, but in a few short weeks we will be back to NASCAR racing. If you are like me, you are having serious NASCAR withdrawals at this point. Odds are you would rather see Darrell Waltrip say "Bogity, Bogity, Bogity" than Santa Claus saying "Ho HO HO". I feel your pain too.

What Was The Biggest Story This Year in NASCAR?

Lately, I have been racking my brain lately thinking about what was the biggest story of the 2010 NASCAR season. I asked this question on Twitter and Facebook and was amazed at some of the responses. I think it all comes down to what teams you root for.

Jimmie Johnson is Always a Champion

Jimmie Johnson won his 5th NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship in a row Sunday at Homestead-Miami speedway. Repeating a championship is tough enough as it is, and to do it 5 times in a row is simple unheard of. Jimmie and his team, especially crew chief Chad Knaus, are really a driving force to be reckoned with.

Sunday's Race Recap: Everything is Bigger in Texas

Sundays's race at the Texas Motor Speedway had enough drama for a year's worth, especially if you are a NASCAR official. The story everyone thought was going to be the big one was quickly overshadowed by a fight between Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton.

The Race For the Chase Continues

While the Others Fight, Jimmie Johnson Just Wins

Some athletes rise to the occasion and some don't. Jimmie Johnson is one of those athletes that rises to the top of the class when the pressure is on him. He just won the NASCAR race at Dover International Speedway and had a dominating performance. His team has not exactly been hitting on all cylinders lately and they could have been doing better.

Kyle Busch Racing into History

Sometimes we watch auto racing and think, "wow that was some great driving that guy just did". Sometimes we don't realize we are watching a piece of history because it is coming at us in real time.

Is NASCAR Taking Safety Seriously Enough?

Last weekend at Pocono we saw something that was so bad it forces NASCAR to examine the way the racetracks are designed for safety reasons. Our friends at NASCAR have improved the "Car of Tomorrow" for drivers safety and they improved 90% of the walls by adding safer barriers but 90% is not good enough.

The Unsung Heroes of NASCAR

We see NASCAR drivers on television every week, but without the people behind the scenes the race would not happen. I am talking about the guys at the shop, the accountants keeping the books, the spotters on the roofs and the guys in the pits that make the magic happen, usually in under 14 seconds. There are many people that have to do their job before the driver gets a chance at taking green flag laps.
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